A look at ADSS’ IB and referral programme

ADSS is a GCC-based brokerage firm that is highly reputable and trustworthy. Established in 2011, the brokerage firm is headquartered in the UAE with another office in London. More specifically, it is licensed and regulated by the SCA in the UAE and the FCA in the UK. Most of the clientele it serves includes both local and global traders. 

For individuals looking to do more than just simply trade on their platform, ADSS offers two ways to partner with them. This is with their referral programme and the Introducing Brokers (IB) programme. Both programmes have their distinct benefits, so traders can read a detailed review here to better understand how they work and which one is best suited to their needs and preferences.

Partnership with ADSS

Aside from simply trading on the broker’s platform, traders can even take advantage of ADSS’ trading infrastructure. This means they have the option of taking on their own clients through ADSS. There are two main ways to do this. 

The first is to sign up and become an affiliate of the brokerage firm. This allows traders to earn rebates through ADSS’ referral program. Another way is to register and become an Introducing Broker (IB) partnership. This allows traders to become a middleman when it comes to introducing new clients to ADSS. 

ADSS’ referral programme

The referral programme of ADSSallows traders to recommend family and friends so that they can sign up for an ADSS live trading account. This way, referrers can earn a rebate once the new account holder starts trading. According to the brokerage firm, traders who choose to participate in this programme can earn between 75 USD to 11,790 USD. That said, this will depend on how much the person they referred deposits into their live trading account, and how much they then trade. 

ADSS also offers incremental payouts on 10% of every referral. This allows traders to build and accrue their rebates once the new account holder starts to trade. In order to join the referral programme, traders can sign into their ADSS account to find the referral link. They can then send the link out to their family and friends. All the information they may need can come from their account’s relationship manager. 

Referred family and friends have around two weeks to fund their trading account upon signing up. Afterwards, they have 90 days of trading in order to accrue one of the brokerage firm’s required trading volumes. This will then trigger the reward to be paid to the original referee. This reward will be added to the referee’s account automatically. To learn more about the required trading volumes, make sure to check ADSS’ official website. 

ADSS’ Introducing Broker (IB) programme

Traders who are looking to take on various clients in addition to earning rebates from ADSS can do so through the broker’s IB partnership programme. The broker mainly offers guidance and assistance when it comes to building relationships with their clients, as well as how to manage them. As such, this programme is a great place for those looking to build their own financial portfolio and then expand or start a business or brokerage firm. 

One of the largest benefits that comes with ADSS’ IB partnership is its fast payouts. IBs earn rebates from onboarding new clients to ADSS, thereby receiving fat payments that are completed in realtime. These payouts can be completed either through wire transfers or online wallets.

IBs also have huge flexibility in the way in which they receive payouts. For instance, at the beginning of their partnership, IBs can pick their own profile option along with a competitive rebate structure. This lets IBs see their mark-up revenue data and commissions in any way they wish. 

For IBs looking to have more control over their clients, ADSS even offers plenty of advanced and sophisticated tools for them to use. These include financial reporting tools, as well as live data and information on any referred clients for IBs.

Finally, IBs can also get plenty of guidance and support from ADSS. These include having access to the brokerage firm’s experienced team of professionals, as they can offer help in developing the IB’s business further. They can also support the IB’s clients when they come into any issues or problems. The customer support team is available 24/5 and in multiple languages. 

Who qualifies for these programmes?

When it comes to who qualifies, ADSS requires potential referees and IBs to already have a live account with the brokerage firm. Referees will also need to be trading live, and they should comply with any local laws and regulations in the country or region in which they are based.

Which one is better?

While there is no objective way to determine which one is better, the only way is for a retail trader to review their conditions and level of comfort with client management when it comes to picking either the IB or referral programme. 

Both IBs and referees can collect rebates from ADSS, which usually take the form of quick payouts, especially when they bring in new clients for the broker. However, the biggest difference between them remains the level of management involved. On one hand, referees do not need to do anything beyond getting their family and friends to sign up for a live account and begin trading. On the other hand, IBs have to spend more time managing the relationships they have with clients by using various reporting and client management tools. 

Another major difference between the two programmes is that referees may find it more limiting when it comes to payouts and rebates when compared to IBs. This is because referees tend to be less involved in the work that they have to do. IBs on the other hand, can enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to their rebate structures. As they also have to handle clients on their own, they have more potential when it comes to scaling up their rebates and earning potentially larger payouts, depending on the type of clients that they take on. 

Bottom line

Overall, those who believe they have sufficient expertise and time when it comes to managing one’s own clients may consider joining ADSS’ IB programme. However, those who prefer to earn rebates and do not want to commit as much time can instead join ADSS’ referral programme to gain their rebates.